Filmora How to add images into your YouTube videos using Filmora

The truth: I spent way too much time video editing today when I should have been creating more videos for you guys.

I really wanted this to work out because it allows me to give you guys a visual overlay using photos that describe something that I'm talking about.

In my short video below I'm going to be using a desktop PC app for video editing called Wondershare Filmora. it's a really simple app to use and a great way to begin editing your first video.

In this video I'm going to show you how you can take a JPEG or a PNG image and imported into your video and then overlay on top of the video so you can use your hands to coordinate when images appear on your left or on your right or directly in front of you.

Hope you guys enjoy the video let me know if you guys have any comments questions or concerns on my YouTube channel or contact me at [email protected]

Be awesome ❤️

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