How do people find you today?

Search Engines

Let's keep all the formalities and jump right in. People use search engines Google, Yahoo, Bing and a few hundred others which we won't cover in this blog post because there is just no point talking about them. Google has the largest platform and that's where your focus should be. Check on my video below where I explain the part that Google my business uses Google web search and Google Maps to index what people are searching for and if your business is set up correctly you'll be able to Target those people and incentivize them using post to visit your local business.

Online Maps

Among the most popular is Google Maps and Apple Maps. people are using math programs to look for places to go on their bike, on their way to work, on their way to driving in that direction, on the bus, and during their commute. people use maps to search for local establishments, venues, products -and not just GPS. Hence why I believe they Google Maps AKA Google my business is a massively undervalued and underappreciated platform for the sake of finding new products and services that local merchants and brick-and-mortar business are offering.

Digital ads

The most common digital ad do you may know about is a text based Google ad. when you use a search engine like Google to look for a service you may be looking for you'll see ads of the very top of the page. Digital ads are typically identified using a small add icon on the top left or bottom left prior to the digital ad beginning - although most people won't even notice.  Most ads are paid digital advertisements on the internet and they come in the forms of banners, photos, videos overlaying other videos you find on YouTube and other platforms. 

Local listings

There are hundreds of local listings and directories where you can list your business. 20 years ago an example of a listing service was yellow Pages and to our surprise many dinosaur merchants still use them today although they don't work. the businesses themselves are struggling to survive and they're scraping up money from anyone who they can possibly find even though the services are not as powerful anymore. However they do serve a purpose.

Google my business is the pillar of all local business listings and should be your number one priority when considering what local listing you should be managing for your business. Many of the other directories and local listings will scrape data or pull information from your Google my business to create a virtual listing somewhere else - even without your knowledge.

Many review sites also use scraping tools where they scrape up your NAP (Name, Address, Phone number) information from your Google My Business listing and they publish it somewhere else even without your knowledge.

Check out the 3-minute video below for more information about these topics we covered in this blog.

Thank you for reading my content.

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