How to Fix HP printer not printing color after windows 10 update

You might be wondering why your HP color printer has stopped printing color for some unknown reason. And it’s all because of a Windows 10 update that affected your printer drivers.

So what can you do?

  • Watch this YouTube video (below) to fix your printer
  • Throw the printer away out of frustration
  • Buy a new printer

You might be reading this article because you found me through a quick search on the internet looking for a video to solve your problem. You’re not alone, and there are thousands of people struggling to find out why their HP color printers are unable to print in color. I’ve helped thousands of other people who have been on the verge of throwing their HP Color printer out the window because it couldn’t print in color for some unknown reason.

I want to rescue your printer and prevent it from going to the landfills by giving you a really simple solution that you can do in 2 minutes by removing all your HP color printer drivers from Windows 10, restarting windows, and printing and color once more. To get started, check out my YouTube video below. I helped over 20,000 people with this exact same problem already. Watch the full video to learn the steps to remove your printer and get your HP color printer back.

If you’re running short on time just watch the first 30 seconds of the video, and follow my voice instructions to remove the HP color printer drivers.

You can subscribe to my YouTube channel for more great tips or because hey, we’re friends now and we saved your printer from flying out the window and ending up in the landfill.

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