What does a local business listing do?

What does a local business listing do?

A local business listing is in many cases a store or business that is sharing their digital experience of their products or services. An example of this is a spa showing the cleanliness of their massage chairs or hydra facial stations. Another example of a service based business is a tree removal arborist showing their tree cutting service or what happens when a tree falls down on your fence.

Business listings typically include photos or videos and reviews that provides you with an inside scoop about the business and other customer experiences. Many people use Google Maps (aka Google My Business) to find products and services nearby - it's one of the largest and most popular business listing services. Unlike other online listing services, Google My Business is indexed by Google and allows people to find businesses via special key words they've used during their web search or google maps search. An example of this could be "gas station near me" -  this type of search asks google to find gas stations within the nearest proximity of the user.

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