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Digital Business Builder

He is a digital business builder and community and engagement is his thing. He loves forging connections with people and showing them what is possible.

Google My Business expert

Plena Social calls him a top influencer one of the top Google My Business experts in Canada

Who is
Mike Kwal?

Facebook posts, Instagram stories or Google Ads will net you a few leads, but without a good strategy plan, you'll end up losing more money than you wanted to. I started helping small business owners and worked for free for 6 months before accepting paid work. I love volunteering with the community and helping small businesses grow. That's how I started this whole journey. What I'm looking for are long-term partnerships with businesses that want to continue to grow for many years. Most agencies will rip you off and send you outlandish invoices making you feel like a big shot for allowing yourself to be fooled that they'll have your back. You get all the promises & guarantees, but you're the one taking all the risk. I'm offering my value-based approach. Value makes the difference in my results.

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25% more traffic 
to your business 

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